A specialized Software and Marketing Consultancy for Silicon Valley


Welcome to Scott River Company, a ‘white glove,’ referral based staffing consultancy providing on-demand software and marketing staffing solutions.

We boast a diverse membership of world-class experts in software development, systems engineering, project management and product/service marketing for multiple industry areas. Through our network of professional software and marketing consultants, we are committed to providing your business the most current ideologies, stratagem and tactical advice in order to:

  • Meet your software and marketing support requirements quickly and efficiently.
  • Help you execute programs on time, at and under budget.
  • Offer in-depth, authoritative advice & assistance in computing technologies and marketing campaigns.
  • Provide cross-disciplinary expertise for quick and effective architectural and campaign implementation.

Scott River Company is a boutique Silicon Valley Software and Marketing Consultant Agency with an exceptional directory of independent contractors gathered by referral and experience. Collectively, our marketing and software professionals form a virtual consultancy to enable your company, employees and processes to work more efficiently and effectively.

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