You architect the technology, we will do everything else.


Recently, multiple clients and consultants have asked Scott River to do the hardest sales possible: Beachhead sales.  Very early stage, much of the code is still vaporware, under supported, little to no marketing, but need to get PAID use cases, which offer critical validation and CDF feedback, Customer Desired Features, which are ALWAYS different than what the tech team believes the customer wants. A venture with good tech AND a couple of paid use cases may increase the valuation ten fold, (and we can help with raising capital as well).

We are a strong believer that sales and marketing should be incorporated as early as possible, (We recruited for dozens of projects where this didn’t happen, and all of them have failed.)

It is difficult to implement beachhead sales with a traditional sales force that is used to selling final product on primarily commission for two reasons:  First, beachhead sales are FAR more difficult (few sales people are up to the task, and they few that are, have access to much easier opportunities) and second, at this stage, revenue is not the most important goal, so a commission-based structure is improper.  At Scott River, we work on a contract basis, typically cancel able at any time, for an hourly rate (or partially compensated by equity) and a bonus for informative meetings with target market decisionmakers, pro bono installs and paid installs.  And the accounts are yours, all contacts are completely transparent and turned over, you can manage them yourselves in perpetuity (LCV could be in the millions) with no long-term obligation to us; we know of no other company that does this.

So we are modifying the mission statement from being the best recruiting company (which we still are) to being a High Tech Operational Support company.   We are in the business of helping you succeed, finding top talent is only one thing our clients need, and only a small fraction of our expertise.

Additionally, we offer top notch recruiting, in software and GTM marketing.  After 20 years of tech recruiting, we have created a database with over 10,000 contacts, in the fields of AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, IoT, Big Data, HPC, Robotics, App development, DevOps, Enterprise IT, and most otter technologies,  further enhanced with our network of partner recruiters.  (BTW the best recruiters are salespeople, they aggressively pursue the best, not sift through what you received).  Finally, are equity partners with RightSource,, for nearshore support; for an unbeatable combination of accessibility and cost.

With a background in selling enterprise software, hardware, firmware, plastics, metal forming and soft goods manufacturing, not only can we support any project, we are best at supporting complex ventures. While we will work with well-funded startups, most of our work has been for divisions of larger corporations, Cisco, HP, Plantronics, Ricoh to name a few.  What holes in your team/product/launch can we help you fill?