Why Use Us


Uniquely compatible consultant pool

What makes Scott River stand out is our incomparable pool of software and marketing consultants – and our unique ability to match candidates and clients based on professional experience, team dynamics and project demands.

Scott River Company consultants are gathered primarily by referral. Unlike most recruiting companies we do not rely on Internet job boards, web site submissions or job advertisements.

Every candidate is vetted to offer the most perfectly aligned experience, the most appropriate skill level and the best possible personality ‘fit’ – ensuring a perfect candidate match for your company, your team and your project.

Because we pro-actively seek out proven talent and heavily emphasize a referral system, we have unique access to a list of superior, highly recommended and sought-after sales, marketing and software professionals.

Primary clients center on Silicon Valley high tech firms (examples include Cisco, HP, Leapfrog, Plantronics, Solyndra and others). We are approved vendors of many - with badge and network access for closer integration between internal management and consulting team supervisors. 

Projects typically last three months or longer and are often renewed based on work quality and organization ‘fit.’ The average client project requires 1-5 consultants, in all areas of Software and Marketing as well as Finance, Hardware Engineering and other fields.

Our goal is to reach your goal

Scott River Company marketing and software consultants work side-by-side with your organization, partners and customers to deliver creative and cost-effective project results. Our strong pool of professionals guarantees that you’ll always have access to the right expert for the job – and if we don’t have him/her – we know how to find the right candidate for your project.

Specialist or generalist – we fit your need

Most Scott River Company consultants are industry specialists with advanced degrees who have chosen to pursue an independent, project based career. Our consultants keenly understand every detail required to flawlessly execute your project plans. Our mission is to help your company innovate and grow by bringing extraordinary ability, best practices, big-league perspective and a can-do attitude to every job.