I have used contractor recruitment services from many companies and Scott River has unambiguously distinguished itself as the best. Scott River quickly and accurately identifies candidates that truly met my project needs, and always maintains a keen ongoing interest in the success of their candidates and their work. The technologists on staff at Scott River have historically been far easier to work with because they can accurately read between the lines of missing or thinly descriptive job descriptions – an all too common issue when prioritized managerial responsibilities and shifting company requirements have made it difficult to generate a proper comprehensive and accurate JD document. Getting competent, productive, readily available top shelf talent is challenging, but Scott River has come through dozens of times. Scott River insists on continued engagement in order to ‘head off’ potential problems, and has always immediately and intelligently resolved glitches to my satisfaction. I consider Scott River a professional ally in the consultant recruitment world, and heartily recommend their services.


David Main
Director of Mechatronics

I have worked in the Valley for nearly fifteen years now. In that time I have worked as a consultant for a number of firms. My experience as a consultant with Scott River has been exceptional. I have found Scott Cochran and his team to be dedicated, knowledgeable, ethical, and responsive. My observation of them is that they are professional and personable and their contacts in the Valley are impressive. I am a very pleased to work as a consultant for Scott River.

Linda Griffiths
Enfield Consulting

I've worked with Scott River Company since 2006. As a consultant, I can say with certainty Scott River has been a benefit to my career and quality of client opportunities. Scott River stays on top of projects, making sure there are no surprises for the consultant or the client, yet does not dictate technical or business decisions. The agency handles administrative details in a timely manner – payments are prompt and questions are responded to quickly with an email or phone call. I know Scott River always has the broader business picture in mind – and works with me and all consultants to look beyond the scope of any narrowly defined project.

On a personal level, Scott Cochran (founder) is a pleasure to talk to or have a meal with. He's intelligent, personable and enjoys jumping into a conversation on almost any topic, technical or otherwise.

In short, I highly recommend Scott River Company to consultants or those seeking consulting services. Scott River's professionalism is top notch and as such they only seek out the best talent and projects.

Crag Wolfe
Crag Wolfe Consulting

I worked for Scott River Company on a consulting assignment and was very pleased with his energy and his awareness of my individual skills and professional goals. Scott River really goes the extra mile and worked hard to guarantee that the engagement progressed smoothly in the midst of a major transition at our client’s organization. It was a pleasure working with him and I recommend him to any consultant.

Robert Field
Independent Consultant