Who We Are


Helping you succeed and your projects move forward

The majority of Scott River contractors are network members based on referrals for exemplary work and professionalism. Members possess between 10-20 years of proven field experience and have completed multiple service based projects on behalf of clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to start-ups.

Scott River delivers forward-thinking, hard-working, intelligent marketing and software project management consultants. Members are either explicitly referred into our network by fellow senior professionals or located via extensive, complete search. All consultants undergo a careful screening process.

The market has changed, so we have adapted.  We have augmented our key differentiating feature, our massive 10,000 person database, with agreements with other seasoned recruiters (typically working day jobs at large corporations) who also have thick rolodexes.   In an age where most every other recruiter is trying to email Indeed resumes or inmail LinkedIn contacts with every more frequency and futility, having relationships with quality consultants is critical.  We have a network of tried and true consultants, many of whom refuse to work with any other consulting company, and when we have projects, we call their cell phones and discuss, so 2014.  But the real differentiating feature is our ability to solve problems.  Finding top talent is a tough problem, and tough problems are best suited for highly resourceful people.  The consolidation of recruiting has made it very easy to keep busy, or get a fast and poor result, but it creates the illusion of a single magic solution, and there simply isn’t one. (Ask us for stories!)  Finding top people is a tough scrounge, and the best results come from those able and willing to do it.

Practice areas

  • Software
    • AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
    • AR/VR
    • IoT
    • Big Data
    •  HPC,
    • Robotics,
    • DevOps,
    • Enterprise IT
    • Web Applications, App development
    • UI design and development
    • Cloud design architecture and development
    • Mobile technologies: Brew, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone
    • Scripting: PERL, Python, Javascript
    • Architecting, Programming and Testing
  • Marketing:
    • Beachhead sales: vaporware/paperware,  pre-alpha, alpha and pre-beta installs
    • GTM
    • Business Plan Evaluation
    • Strategic Market Planning
    • Corporate Branding & Identity
    • Partner/Developer Programs
    • Channel Marketing o Collateral (Printed/Web/Interactive) Development
    • Web Marketing
    • Direct Marketing
    • Product Marketing
    • Advertising
    • Public Relations
    • Events & Tradeshows


  • Enterprise / B2B Technology
  • Consumer Electronics & Technology
  • Network Communications and Technology
  • Semiconductor
  • Solar and Green Technology