How We Help


Reaching your software and marketing goals

At Scott River, our goal is to help clients meet all critical milestones and deliverables for any software engineering or marketing campaign. From architecture and testing through audience selection, financing, design, construction and implementation we can manage every step of the tactical process.

We'll work closely with your team and company to understand and adhere to all internal staffing and contractual policies. Our aim is to channel through HR hiring and staffing processes to make your project move forward easily, efficiently and - most importantly – quickly.

Understanding your project challenges and staffing needs

Scott River Company selects only the most qualified software design or marketing consultants – and requires that all candidates possess a ‘sleeves-rolled-up’ attitude - so you are guaranteed a team that will hit the pavement running. The project and industry diversity of our talent pool insures you access to the right mix of specialization, experience and capabilities.


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Operations
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Technology & Business Intelligence

Your Challenges & Our Solutions

  • Process Improvement
  • Organizational Effectiveness Charting
  • Risk Management
  • Sales Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Change & Structure Management