We have invested in and co-founded another exceptional company:


RightSource  www.rightsourceplus.com, offers top notch consultants from Mexico, who can work on-site or remotely.  Their sweet spot is outsourced agile projects in their México City office, but where the project manager commutes back and forth.  It offers the best of all worlds, top talent, hard to find skills, great value, speed, quality, Central time zone, and even surprisingly excellent communication skills.  Not only do they compete favorably with any off-shore agency, (in 20 years of selling software, Scott Cochran has never recommended an off shore agency since he has seen virtually all of them fail), even on all the metrics listed above, RS competes favorably with most of the projects I have seen in Silicon Valley.  The secret is the fact that Mexico in under tapped and our partners are very well connected to the top schools and talent.  In this hot market, it is clearly the best choice.  SRC has sold multiple projects to multiple clients, every one has led to extensions, referrals and requests for more work.