Are You a Professional Consultant?

The Bay Area’s most experienced and qualified software and marketing consultants choose to work with Scott River for many reasons – but we feel the most important is the simplest: We Care.

Scott River knows that your talent is your most valuable commodity. And because of your unique skills, network and experience – we want only the best organizations to benefit from you.

Scott River works closely with consultants to insure the best utilization – and best pay – for your unique experience. Our matching and management process closely monitors the client-consultant work connection in order to guarantee a respectful and mutually beneficial experience. We act as your advocate – and take particular care to provide administrative support, financial management and the cultivation of a solid, positive working relationship between you and the client. This approach guarantees both your success as well as the client’s satisfaction.

With Scott River, Benefits May Include

  • Access to exceptional projects and clients
  • Negotiated, higher-than-average rates
  • Medical and Dental Benefits
  • Visa and Green Card Sponsorship
  • Auto-deposited paychecks
  • No self-employment taxes
  • Management and administrative support

Interested in Joining Our Team?

Has someone referred you to our network? If so, please submit his/her name to and we will be glad to contact you to discuss your unique qualifications and career goals.

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